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Born from decades of expertise and innovation, Vetsoft is proud to unveil its latest cloud-based solution tailored specifically for the South African veterinary industry. Our platform offers a seamless experience, empowering you to manage your veterinary practice with ease and effectiveness.

Why Vetsoft

Cloud-Based Security

Your data is the lifeline of your practice and we
take its security seriously. With the cloud-based
Vetsoft system, your information is always safe
and accessible, eliminating the need for costly
on-site servers. Enjoy peace of mind knowing
that your data is regularly backed up & secure.

Accessible Anytime, Anywhere

Gone are the days of being tied to your clinic’s
computer. With Vetsoft, you can access your
practice’s information from multiple devices &
locations with an internet connection. Whether
you’re in the clinic, out in the field, or on the go,
Vetsoft keeps you connected.

Tailored for Every Practice

From equine practices to vet shops, Vetsoft
caters to practices of all sizes. Our platform is
designed to adapt to your needs, providing
comprehensive solutions for every aspect of
the veterinary industry.

Our Features

Patient Management

Vetsoft offers comprehensive patient management, meticulously storing essential details such as breed, species, age, weight history, and gender status. It ensures efficient equine management and documentation, all tailored around the unique requirements of the veterinary industry and individual patient care.

Accounts Management

With Vetsoft, users can seamlessly manage their accounts, customizing stationery with their practice logo and generating a range of financial reports, including Debtors Age Analysis, VAT Report, and Practice Gross Profit Report. The system provides systematic alerts for overdue debtors during the billing process, along with the flexibility to distribute invoices and statements via print or email.

Practice security & User Roles

Experience tailored access control with Vetsoft’s user-defined roles feature. Customize roles for each staff member, granting precise authorizations to ensure streamlined operations and enhanced security.

Inventory Management

Vetsoft provides sophisticated inventory management capabilities, enabling precise control over various stock types such as food, merchandise, and drugs. From order placement to stock receipt and sales, the system ensures secure stock control and offers comprehensive reporting from suppliers/manufacturers, including management of the Schedule Drug Register.

VETSOFT Reporting

Our platform offers an extensive array of reports, including up-to-date sales figures and practice gross profit analysis. Reports can be easily accessed on-screen, emailed, or printed, with user-friendly graphical representations facilitating insightful data analysis.

Reminder Module

Leverage our SMS module to effortlessly send promotional and marketing messages to clients, keeping them informed about their pet’s condition and sending timely reminders for treatments or vaccinations.

Bookings & Calendar Management

Effortlessly manage appointments and staff schedules with the Vetsoft integrated booking and calendar management system. Access live availability of vets and staff, allowing for easy appointment bookings and schedule viewing. Ensure smooth patient flow and optimal clinic and operations management with intuitive calendar management features.


The easy-to-use leave management system will allow for simple staff records to be kept that ensures good workflow with patients and your clinic/hospital/store.

MOP (Multi-owner facilty for pets)

Vetsoft facilitates the creation of patient masterfiles with multiple owners, simplifying the process through percentage-based ownership allocation for all transactions and treatments. A built-in percentage calculator ensures accurate accounting, eliminating potential shortfalls or unallocated costs.

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